Virtual Power Plant Solution

Our business and technology innovation provides 360º Energy Management Service System and versatile benefits for energy producers and energy consumers.

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Higher margins for energy producers

VPPS connects energy producers directly and simultaneously to multiple markets resulting in higher margins and better capacity utilization.

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Innovation in Demand-Side Management

Optimized primary energy usage rewards energy consumers with cost savings and sustainability.

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Intelligent city

We are committed to making energy production and consumption smarter, cleaner and more efficient now and for future generations.

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Virtual Power Plant

360° Energy Management based on our Virtual Power Plant Solution

VPP’s Virtual Power Plant Solution delivers the benefits of balancing power markets to energy producers and consumers by its 360° Energy Management Service System.

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For energy producers

Capacity flexibilities ensure financial benefits for power plants

We offer Sales & Production Management services for energy producers that yield higher margins and better capacity utilization.

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For energy consumers

Demand-Side Management without comsumption limitations

Our unique Demand-Side Management service means more efficient energy usage and savings on your electricity bills!

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Solid expertise

Our living environment is driven by energy.

We have been providing intelligent energy solutions and services for multinational and regional companies since 2002. 

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VPP Interactive

Business Concept


VPPS connects energy producers and consumers to each other through a smart grid, thus we are able to provide two-sided smart grid services – to both energy producers and to consumers.

For Power Plants


VPP offers automated Sales & Production Management (SPM) for small-scale power plants applying CHP, biogas, biomass, wind and solar energy.

For Energy Consumers


VPP’s Demand-Side Management does not require that you adjust yourself to frequently changing energy prices and impose limits on your energy consumption.